Casablanca Faculty of Medicine

Location: Casablanca, Morocco
Project name: Casablanca Faculty of Medicine
Product: ALP System

Milan Politecnico Cleanroom

Location: Milan, Italy
Project name: Milan Politecnico Cleanroom
Product: ALP System Active

Galatasaray University

Location: Istambul, Turkey
Project name: Galatasaray University
Product: ALP System

Italcementi Lab.

Location: Stezzano, Italy
Project name: ITC Lab Kilometro Rosso Science & Technology Park
Product: ALP System Active Inox

Faculty of Pharmacy Cosenza

Location: Cosenza, Italy
Project name: Faculty of Pharmacy Cosenza
Product: ALP System

University of Perugia

Location: Perugia, Italy
Project name: University of Perugia
Product: ALP System

Parma University Campus

Location: Parma, Italy
Project name: Parma University Campus
Product: ALP System

National University Hospital Singapore

Location: Singapore, Singapore
Project name: National University Hospital Singapore
Product: ALP System

Kuwait Institute for Judicial and Legal studies

Location: Kuwait City, Kuwait
Project name: Kuwait Institute for Judicial and Legal studies
Product: ALP System

Nust National University of Science and Technology

Location: Islamabad, Pakistan
Project name: Nust National University of Science and Technology
Product: ALP System

Dubai Knowledge

Location: Dubai- United Arab Emirates
Project name: Dubai Knowledge Village
Product: ALP System

Kaust University

Location: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Project name: Kaust University
Product: ALP System

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