First inventors of pre-insulated panels and leader in the HVAC world,
ALP International is an international company engaged in the promotion of pre-insulated ducting systems for air transport.


We are what we breathe and ALP knows this well.

Air distribution may seem easy. Creating a system that allows you to do this without waste, containing installation costs, minimizing waste, respecting the environment and safety standards, requires experience.

ALP International is an international company engaged for more than 30 years in the research and promotion of pre-insulated ducting systems for air transport and thereplacement of traditional ducting systems in all application sectors.

First inventors of pre-insulated panels and leader in the HVAC world, we operate in over 54 countries and satisfy the growing demand formore efficient and dynamic air ducting systems through our 3 production lines based in Italy and our 3 logistics warehouses located in Bergamo, Padua and Palermo.

In 1985, ALP International starts its business starting from a need: that of providing operators with a more performing, fast, light, safe and economically advantageous product and system for the construction of ductworks, givingway to a revolution in the world of air ventilation that overturns the concept of conduct known until the 1980s, that is, introducing a new system that responds to the needs of those who invest, those who design, those who built and those who maintain a ventilation system.

The features of the products and their continuous innovation lead today the ALP ductwork to be used all over the world as a solution in the most varied sectors: hospital, pharmaceutical, industrial, food, public, data center, etc.

ALP International - La nostra mission


ALP International’s corporate mission is to optimize air distribution and guarantee the quality of the air we breathe every day in confined spaces.
Our mission is to completely replace traditional air ducting systems in all application sectors, promoting innovative systems capable of solving problems and simplifying the work of those who invest, those who design, those who install and those who maintains a plant.

ALP International - Chi Siamo - Our Vision


Changing the way in which people and communities give importance to and perceive the quality of the air we breathe every day in confined spaces, increasingly improving the quality of their life wherever they are.
ALP International has always focused its attention on air quality, quality of life and, as a direct consequence, on respect for our planet.

ALP International - I nostri valori


In everything we do we put passion strictly linked to strong personal motivation.

Creativity, spirit of initiative and the courage to change are the driving force behind all our choices. Innovation is the key to any success

We focus on our customers by recognizing the importance of their business and working every day to meet their expectations by making their needs, problems and desires our own. We aim for a lasting relationship and deep harmony through an experience that can enrich both.

Our goal every day is to reach and exceed our limits, constantly increasing the value of what we do.

We promote and develop an individual and collective awareness of respect for the world around us. We respect the environment with daily and concrete actions.

We believe in honesty and transparency by respecting the commitments made with our customers, our suppliers and in general with all our stakeholders, with consistent actions, skills and responsibilities.

We adopt the highest ethical standards for all of our processes. We work with commitment to promote and support ethically correct behavior in Italy and in the world.

Breathing Life into the Future
ALP supports and protects our planet,
contributing to the development of a green future
with responsible and environmentally friendly choices.
Learn more on ALP's eco-friendly values

Air Quality

Today, more than ever, the importance of breathing clean air in indoor spaces is growing. The ducting systems with ALPactive®  technology, guarantee efficiency and effectivenessfor those who design and install, and customized health protectionfor those who breathe. We are leaders in the air distribution ductwork sector and over the years we have experienced first-hand the real problems related to the concept of Indoor Air Quality, proposing certified solutions for every type of structure.

The technology ALPactive® eliminates the risk of contagion in confined environments, through a natural active ingredient based on silver ions and zeolite, this principle is able to guarantee a reduction of 99.99999% of 600 families of strains including SARS, CORONAVIRUS, H5N1,and this action is guaranteed for a minimum of 15 years.


Sustainability means providing air distribution optimization solutions in a responsible manner, respecting the environment, safety and people.

We have been working with air for 30 years and we believe that good air quality in confined spaces is essential to ensure human health. Precisely for this reason, our main mission is to create technologies that are able to ensure a better quality of life through the air we breathe every day.

We create ventilation systems by minimizing waste, limiting installation costs, minimizing dispersions in compliance with the environment and safety standards.
We produce high quality panels certified by the main international institutions paying attention to the reduction of pollution sources and energy saving.

The protection of sustainability is a primary duty for ALP, in fact we contribute to the development of a green future by operating on the territory with the aim of creating a balance between our air distribution activities and the environment that surrounds us, respecting it and favoring materials. raw materials from sustainable sources.

100% recyclable and zero impact components

Our products do not release VOCs

CFC-, HCFC-free

Less CO₂ production


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