Modular System

For the first time, alp active antimicrobial technology applied to the air handling units (AHU)

Another important goal achieved for ALPactive Antimicrobial: the owned and tested technology, globally certified for its antimicrobial efficacy, applied to the AHU, has received a new patent to be the first modular system in the world totally antimicrobial. The extraordinary efficacy of this technology is starting when the air comes in the unit: a significant progress for indoor air quality guaranteed by ALPactive Antimicrobial technology. Now you can realize a certified and patented antimicrobial AHU thanks to ALPactive Antimicrobial technology – Patent for antimicrobial AHU No. 0001387064 dated 25/03/2011 – . Some special aluminium profiles with an high mechanical resistance intended for the bearing frame are available which can be easily connected through polyethylene joints having fire resistance according to European standards. All the main system is realized with ALPactive Antimicrobial technology. The products range includes also “thermal bridging” profiles treated with ALPactive Antimicrobial technology. All the profiles are provided with accessories for the correct locking of the panels and relevant pneumatic gasket in compliance with the most strict European standards. The internal profiles, included the corners, are “rounded” to grant the maximum connection point between profile and panel to avoid the pathogens and/or particulate deposit. The aluminium sandwich panels are pre-insulated composed of an internal core of expanded polyurethane insulation foam with 45 mm of thickness andfacedonbothsideswith0.5mmaluminiumfoils. As regards to thefire reaction, they are in compliance with Europeanstandards. The density is 45 kg/m3 and the foam is dangerous agents free. The aluminium facing on the internal side of AHU panels is treated with ALPactive Antimicrobial technology. The particular production process of the components grants an excellent homogeneity in terms of thermal insulation, thermal conductivity and assures an high mechanical resistance under stress, a loud acoustic insulation value and an extraordinary easiness for maintenance thanks to its internal rounded profiles system which perfectly joints all the inner surfaces. All the main components requested for the AHU construction are the following:

  • All the calibration dampers
  • Heating, post-heating and cooling coils
  • Drops separator
  • Tank for condensation collection
  • Motor and Fan
  • Motor slides
  • Components holder Slides
  • Inspection doors
  • Profiles and rounded internal profiles
  • Filters

All the above mentioned components are treated with ALPactive Antimicrobial technology in order to assure a 360° protection for all the AHU against microbial contamination.

A technology which makes the difference

ALPactive Antimicrobial technology is based on a natural compound which, in normal conditions of humidity, is released in the air and carries out a 3-modal antimicrobial action. Thanks to this principle, it interrupts the cells metabolism, inhibits membrane transport process and prevents cell multiplication. The application of this physical principle to all the surfaces of the HVAC system components assures extraordinary microbial reductions: more than 600 families of pathogens, responsible of dangerous infections, are killed with reduction values close to 100%.

The scientific experimentation

The efficacy of ALPactive Antimicrobial technology has been awarded by important scientific organizations according to the International standards ASTM E2180 and ISO 22196:2007. The Ministry of Health and the Health Superior Council in Italy have carried out a long and accurate experimentation whose result has been a declaration in such terms “in a variety of conditions the use of ALPactive Antimicrobial is useful to restrain the environmental microbial load”. And some laboratory tests have proved that ALPactive Antimicrobial, applied into the system, can break down the microbial load present in the air of 77,23% compared to the traditional plants. Other tests, performed on real installations functioning for more than 5 years, have been published in some prestigious medical journals. Leading certification bodies, such as FDA in the States, EFSA and CTFA have approved the efficacy and validity of this technology in such application sectors like protected environments, scientific and research area and food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.


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