ALP System

Where, when and why

Contractors and consultants have at their disposal a traditional technology that shows interesting margins of intervention and improvement. The efficiency of the system is one of these advantages: the technical characteristics of a galvanized iron duct give space to innovative solutions that optimize the work of the system and reduce energy waste, generating less consumption and less pollution. The installation is another important issue: weight and working characteristics of the galvanized iron duct require an utilization of resources (staff and equipment) that modern technologies can reduce, with a consequent higher efficiency and safety of the site. The maintenance is also important: in order to grant constant performances and an easy cleaning, consultant and contractor can take advantage of new ideas and techniques to design and fabricate long-lasting systems with high performances of air quality constant during the time.


ALP System panel is an avant-garde solution on all fronts. The core of this innovation is an high density, closed-cell in expanded polyurethane panel (48 Kg/m3 of the sole foam): its structure (with thicknesses of 21 and 30 mm) is light and advanced, since it obtains key performances such as the pre-insulation with a weight clearly lower than the weight of an insulated galvanized iron sheet. The aluminium facing is more that a simple “covering”. It has a double function: solid and resistant surface (80, 200 and 500 microns thicknesses) for a longer life of the duct in the time, bacteriostatic efficacy and easy cleaning for a better quality of air.


ALP System represents the concrete solution for contractors and consultants. A unique technology that faces in a complete way the critical parts of a system. The ductwork fabricated with ALP System panels is:

  • Light → more comfortable: 8 m duct with a section cm 80 x 80 weights 35 kgs, against 225 kg of the same duct fabricated in the traditional way. Therefore it is easy to transport, to handle on site, to install and to maintain.
  • Pre-insulated → more efficient: it does not require insulation on site, it has low thermal conductivity and extraordinary mechanical resistance. Thus allows low energy consumptions to distribute air at an adequate temperature.
  • Excellent technical performances → it can be fabricated in any dimension: its extraordinary performances, as stiffness (350.000 Nmm), allow a rapid fabrication of the system and a reduction of construction costs and time.


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