Round System

Where, when and why

The primarily needs of a conveying system are technical needs: efficiency, easiness of application, easiness of maintenance. Often a duct becomes a part of spaces decoration. Designers and architects search in the aeraulic system the aesthetic dimension and for this they require the market ducts able to give personality to a service element.


Round System is the only pre-insulated duct with circular section available on the market. The performances and excellent characteristics granted by ALP Technology go into a virtuous circle, where high density close-cell expanded polyurethane and aluminium facing ensure duct lightness, pre-insulation and bacteriostatic properties. The circular design changes the visual perception of the duct and transforms the system into an element that becomes a part of precious space contexts.


Round System is a duct that combines the aesthetic quality to the technical performances granted by ALP trademark. The duct becomes an added-value both for space decoration and for guarantee of technical quality of the system performances. Round System is:

  • Circular → nicer: the design solution makes the duct likeable, especially in those modern and industrial architectural location, with high performances levels deriving from technical plus granted by ALP Technology.

  • Light → more comfortable: the weight of expanded polyurethane facing with aluminium is drastically smaller if compared to any other solution with same performances. Therefore it is easy to transport, to handle on site, to mount and to maintain.

  • Pre-insulated → more efficient: it does not require insulation, it has low thermal conductivity and extraordinary mechanical resistance. Thus allows low energy consumptions to distribute air at an adequate temperature


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