Flex System Active

Where, when and why

The installation of a ductwork is carried out together with the construction of buildings, industrial plants, housing, therefore the project is often realized under complicated conditions. The plant must be “adapted”, in its shapes and in its development, to structures that require complex junctions between the duct and the diffusers. Due to not high quality solutions of connection between duct and diffuser, the overall performances of the system result reduced or penalized.


Flex System Active is the solution to the problem: it is the only patented aluminium flexible duct produced with the exclusive ALPactive Antimicrobial technology. It grants an efficient distribution of air from the duct to the diffuser, thanks to a light and versatile technology, that allows the conveyance of the performances obtained in the duct (mechanical air-tightness and thermal conductivity) to the grille. ALPactive Antimicrobial technology makes Flex System Active an indispensable element of the system that grants the continuity of antimicrobial extraordinary performances. The antimicrobial action developed on ALP System Active panels continues in the flexible duct and in all its accessories (neck, fastening strip) granting the quality of the air coming from the ductwork with a reduction of microbes on the surface equal to 100%.


Flex System Active is the demonstration of how ALP pays attention to details: ALP Technology lead to an “intelligent” panel, ALPactive Antimicrobial made the panel an active element to improve health and Flex continues with these results up to the diffusers, distributing in the air the benefits deriving from ALP technology. The duct equipped with Flex System Active is:

  • Antimicrobial → healthier: the antimicrobial performance of ALP System Active panels continues in the junction and exit air reaches the diffuser with a microbial load less than 77,23% in respect to the one exiting from a traditional duct
  • Preventive → ideal for indoor: the antimicrobial action allows to grant the microbiological quality of air even in such delicate situations as operating theatres, clean rooms, as stated by the studies carried out by the Department of Innovation of the Italian Ministry of Health
  • Certified → guaranteed: the long scientific experimentation work in laboratories, in real functioning simulation conditions and on existing plants, allows ALP to offer a 10 years guarantee on the efficacy of the antimicrobial action
  • Flexible → adaptable: the flexible duct allows to reach the diffusers in difficult installation conditions, thanks to the availability of different diameters and an instrumentation able to keep performances unchanged
  • Efficient → cheaper: pre-insulation, low conductivity and pneumatic air-tightness make the flexible duct an active element both for health and for energy savings.


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