Air quality and more

ALP is always a leader company in the technology applied to HVAC systems. The heart of the production is made up of sandwich panels, accessories, tools and equipment for the fabrication of HVAC systems: the range of ALP products is available both in the standard system (ALP System Technology) or in the antimicrobial line (ALPactive Antimicrobial technology).

The manufacture of the panels is combined with the realization of all the accessories, equipment and tools able to grant a suitable professional installation according to the product requirements.

In order to provide concrete guarantees for a correct and effective use of its products range, ALP is always investing in big training projects addressed to the installers and the designers of HVAC systems.

The use of ALPactive Antimicrobial in the new application fields has allowed to develop many innovative products of big interest such as self-supporting modular systems for protected milieus.

Nowadays this technology is going to be used in new markets and applied to new products, under ALP supervision and according to the guidelines by ALP; this is also possible thanks to the know-how and the experience that the company has acquired during the years of collaboration with prestigious organizations and scientific institutions all around the world.


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