30 years of good ductworks

In 1985 the founder Mr. Giuseppe Librizzi started the race to the history of ALP: he had an aim, that is to convey the air in a more efficient and safe way. And he solved the problem by means of an innovative method: the very high density sandwich panels made up of rigid closed-cell polyurethane foam faced on both sides with aluminium foils are the solution of absolute avant-garde. Light, easy to handle and to install, pre-insulated, able to grant an excellent air tightness and bacteriostatic: Alp System panels change the duct fabrication system.

ALP Technology, the innovative technological system for the realization of panels, has led the company from the first applications in the industrial and public field towards the installation of systems in different application milieus.

But ALP has not stopped its research and its innovation: from 2003 up to 2007 ALP has carried out many scientific studies, technical laboratory experimentations that have addressed ALP towards the new technology border, that is ALPactive Antimicrobial.

The Alp System Active panels allow to fabricate a ductwork that, besides conveying the air without any contamination risk, is able to grant an improvement of the air thanks to its natural antimicrobial compound : a solution to kill the pathogens inside the ductwork.

This intuition and all the efforts in terms of research and application experimentation have moved the innovation horizon forward and they let ALP be, once again, in the vanguard for the research of solutions to protect and to improve the air quality.


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